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to know about our Findlay area Charity.

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In case you are wondering who we are, we are, 'Friends of Santa'. Every year we try to help families in the Findlay-Hancock 
County, Ohio area, have a memorable Christmas season. You can read more about our beginnings below. 

There are many ways in which you can help. You could sponsor one or more children or even their whole family. 
You could pick a wish list off one of our Wishing Trees at different area locations, or donate items there. If you represent a business, 
we would like to ask if you will allow us to put a Wishing Tree in your location. These are trees with 
wish lists on them for individuals to choose from. We would also ask that you tell others about us, in the hope 
that the spirit to help will spread. Every little bit counts.

Let's try to make this a memorable year for everyone!! 

Who We Are and Where We came From...

     'Friends of Santa' is a group of local volunteers which has been around since the 1980s. The idea originated with Reg Routson 
while he was vacationing in New York City. Upon reading in the paper about a similar group, Reg decided that this would be 
a good thing to do back home, here in Findlay. So he came home, enlisted the services of Continental Cablevision and started his own 
Friends of Santa program. Reg ran the charity for about two years until he became a judge in our fair city. To avoid the appearance 
of impropriety, the Judge "recused" himself from the Friends of Santa operation. At this point, Continental Cablevision was on their 
own. Continental continued to run the program through the eighties, but stopped in the early 
nineties when it just became too difficult for them to sustain any support. 

Enter Susie Malone. 
In 1999, our daughter, Carla Sue, was battling cancer. During the course of the year, as a few fundraisers materialized 
for the benefit of Carla's children, Susie heard about the former Friends of Santa organization and decided to try to 
get the charity up and running again.  Every year since then (with the help of a few friends) Friends of Santa has 
grown to help more and more families in distress. All of this thanks to the great humanity and good hearted spirit 
which abounds in our community. It's people like you that make this such a great place to live.

We not only help families with children, but senior citizens as well, so that hopefully everyone can have a Merry Christmas. 
These people are in need because they lack the means to purchase items due to many different reasons such as health issues, 
loss of job, loss of spouse or a parent/spouse is away from home due to serving overseas in the military, and many others.  

Friends of Santa has been supported by
great coverage in the Courier every year.

Flagcityonline.com has come forward to help as well with getting out the 
word every year when we start looking for help.

Would You Like to Help?

     Anyone wishing to become a sponsor can do so by requesting to help from one child to many, or a whole family including the 
parents, or a senior citizen.  A sponsor may also choose an approximate age of children or they may ask to sponsor 
whomever is in need the most.

     If you would like to help, but do not feel you could be a sponsor, 'Friends of Santa' accepts donations of new items such as 
clothing, toys, and house ware items. We also accept checks written out to 'Friends of Santa' (tax receipts sent upon request), 
gift certificates or Cards (local super/department stores, grocery stores, gas stations, etc.), nonperishable food and paper products.  
Basically anything which you would use in everyday life.  Over the years there has even been requests for 
Christmas trees (live & artificial) & decorations, including lights.

You may also select Wish List Tags off of one of our many Wishing Trees located at several Findlay area 
businesses all of which are listed on our
Wishing Tree Locations  page. Once you have bought your gift, you may
return it to the tree you got your tag from, and place it under the tree (wrapped or unwrapped) WITH the tag attached!

Please return Gifts as soon as possible to facilitate delivery by Christmas Day. We hope to conclude collection by Dec. 22nd



If you are interested in becoming a sponsor, sending a donation, or would allow us to put a tree up in 
your place of business, please 
Click here  or write to: 

Friends of Santa
P.O. Box 1358
Findlay, Oh. 45839

Donations by check or cash may also be made at the Findlay branch of the Clyde-Findlay Area Credit Union (419-423-3764). 
Once again that is the Findlay Branch only. Donations can be mailed to them at the following address;

Friends of Santa
c/o Clyde-Findlay Area Credit Union
11814 Twp. Rd. 100
Findlay, Oh. 45840

Or call:

Susie: 567-208-7828 
(fax) 419.425.1328 

Michele: 567-208-3051

Patty: 419-721-3920

Kevin; 567-525-4953

Ginny 419-722-0803

In Need of Help?

There are families in the County which we have helped for many years in a row now. We would like
  to ask that if you are one of these and you still need Christmas help, that you please ask one of the 
other agency's in the area for help this year so that we can help someone new. 

     Families needing help this Christmas in the Findlay, Ohio area can send their wish lists along with the first & last names of 
the parents/care givers & children who live in the household, their address, & phone number + the last four digits of your SSN (we must have all 4 of these
items for contact & verification purposes) plus children's clothing sizes. Please write all letters on 
standard sized paper
(no spiral notebook paper) 
in Black or Blue ink. This greatly improves our ability to fax letters to sponsors. 

Please send to our local Post Office addressed to:

Friends of Santa
P.O. Box 1358
Findlay, OH  45839

Wish lists will be accepted until
Oct. 20th.  If children write to us: we're sorry, but we must have your 
parent/care giver's permission to help!  We cannot call someone else (example: a grandparent) with questions.
Unfortunately, we are not able to guarantee all the families will get a sponsor, but we do try our very best to find one for 
all of those requesting help from us. We would also ask that persons seeking our help refrain from soliciting help from other 
organizations as well. So called 'double-dipping' reduces resources for other families in need.

    Thank you & God Bless!!



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