Friends of Santa

Welcome and Happy Holidays!

For just over three decades Friends of Santa has helped countless families in need over the holiday season. We rely on the support of our community to help us help them.

Whether you need help or can give help, we want to hear from you! See the different ways you can contact us.

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Need Help This Year?

There are families in the County which we have helped for many years in a row now. We would like to ask that if you are one of these and you still need Christmas help, that you please ask one of the other agency's in the area for help this year so that we can help someone new.

Families needing help this Christmas in the Findlay, Ohio area can send their wish lists along with the first and last names of the parents/care givers and children who live in the household, their address, including phone number + the last four digits of your SSN (we must have all 4 of these items for contact and verification purposes) plus children's clothing sizes. Please write all letters on standard sized paper (no spiral notebook paper) in Black or Blue ink. This greatly improves our ability to fax letters to sponsors.

Please send your request to our address found on this site.


Wish lists will be accepted until Oct. 20th. Sorry, we must have your parent/care giver's permission to help! We cannot call someone else (example: a grandparent) with questions.

Unfortunately, we are not able to guarantee all the families will get a sponsor, but we do try our very best to find one for all of those requesting help from us. We would also ask that persons seeking our help refrain from soliciting help from other organizations as well. So called "double-dipping" reduces resources for other families in need.

Thank you & God Bless!!

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